This 12-24 month, intensive Qur’an tafseer programme is for those wishing to deepen their love and relationship with Islam both spiritually and holistically. This course focusses on the meaning contained within the Holy Qur’an as well as its historical background and significance through a systematic study of each of the 114 Surah (chapters).

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Programme contents

Study the translation to the Arabic text in the Qur’an alongside the commentary.

The historical context and background of revelation to each Surah (story).

Explanation/morals of key passages of each Surah.

Practical guidance on daily routine and morals that can be derived from each Surah.

Learning Materials

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Translated and edited by Zafar Ishaq Ansari


Tuition Options

Group Tuition

Group Tuition is delivered online to groups with up to 5 participants in 2 hour blocks.


One to One Tuition

This facility is perfect for adults who like to learn at their own pace totally and progress best by having their very own personal Islamic tutor for the full duration of the hour session. 1:1 sessions are 1 hour weekly sessions.

Group Tuition

Join a small group of five students

£15.00 / session

Total Cost £684 (Save 5%)

Total Cost £1296 (Save 10%)

One to One Tuition

A private tutor just for you

£30.00 / hour

Book a one-to-one session in app
Total Cost £1440

Total Cost £684 (Save 5%)

Total Cost £1296 (Save 10%)

Frequently asked questions

Some answers to regularly asked questions are provided. If you need any more information about the programme or the TeachMeIslam App please click here to send us an email.

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How long is this programme?
What age is this programme suitable for?
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