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We provide the best quality of Islamic education, all online delivered by our highly qualified and British educated Islamic tutors in the comfort of your home.

It takes minutes to join our interactive one-to-one or group lessons and accredited courses covering studies in Qur'an, Tajweed, Hifz, Tafseer, Sirah, Hadith and more.


” My 2 teenage sons have only had their first lesson, I want to say a big thank you to TMI for matching my sons with the perfect teacher.

Tutor Muhammad’s kindness and great style of teaching have shone through the hearts of my kids and they already adore their tutor. My kids have already expressed how much they enjoyed their lesson and their love for the new tutor they haven’t bonded like this with any other Islamic tutor before!”

Thank you to TEACHMEISLAM.

Camara (May 2022)


“ I love the flexibility TMI offers for the amazing choice of courses online as I am a University student and I work part-time.

My tutor Shamima is incredible she brings me to happy tears every lesson as I am studying the Hidayah programme, makes me feel closer to my religion but more so she makes me feel special as a chosen one by Allah to be studying Islam. Thank you TMI for such a service”.

Fabiha (19 year old) (March 2022)


” I am so grateful to have found TEACHMEISLAM as I am a single mother and to find the right platform that suits my situation and for my children. My children did not show much progress or interest in the old class they were attending but have already shown great progress with TMI since starting lessons for less than a month!

The lessons are so interactive and engaging. It is great alhamdulillah.

All 3 of my children are enrolled now and I am very pleased.”

Rahima (June 2022)


“I am very happy with my progress, I always wanted to study Tajweed with a tutor I can connect with but has been hard due to my work. TMI was so helpful to work around my routine and I am set to complete my Tajweed programme within the next 2 months. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you TMI for helping me learn how to read the Qur’an in Arabic properly.”

Ibrahim (Male adult February 2022)


“I love being part of the team as a tutor with TEACHMEISLAM, TMI has brought me opportunities I wouldn’t have received elsewhere. Working 9-5 during weekdays as a university student can be very tiring, but online lessons and being able to work from home have been such a blessing. TMI has enabled me to explore different teaching techniques that I didn’t know about. I am so grateful to Sister Nabeela’s (CEO) efforts for making this a real game-changer for working professionals like myself who want to benefit others learn and growing through Islamic Education in my free time. May Allah accept the efforts that have been put behind this platform. Huge thank you to sister Nabeela for this opportunity to do what I love.”

Naeema (2020- current)

You will benefit from a real-time, face-to-face virtual engagement with an exceptional, experienced tutor in an online classroom. Available at all levels and capabilities using our three-tier comprehensive programmes, tailored for everyone to age and level.





The beginners programme is an introduction for all (children, adults and those new to Islam) covering the most fundamental subjects of Islam.

Available as one-to-one or group tuition.


Basic Fiqh: The five pillars of Islam including how to perform whudu (ablution) and salah (prayers).
Basic Aqeedah: The six attributes of Islam, the history and pillars of belief.
Seerah: The stories and morals of the lifestyles of the prophets.
Hadeeth: The teachings of Muhammad (PBUH) in the Arabic language.
Daily Azhkar (authentic Arabic supplications) for daily life routine.
The beautiful 99 unique attributes of Allah.




Our ground breaking Intermediate programme, Arabic for beginners, whom wish to learn how to read the classical text of the Qur’an correctly.

Available for online one-to-one tuition or in group sessions.


Recognise and learn how to write the Arabic alphabet and its different written forms.
Study the Arabic punctuation and grammatical rules.
Learn the correct Makraj (pronunciation) of all the letters.
Study the Tajweed rules in theory and practise recitation.
Memorise the last 10 surahs for prayer. (Option for further hifz on request).




Our Intensive Tafseer programme is for adults 18+ who wish to deepen their understanding of the Qur’an through English commentary and translation.

Available for online one-to-one tuition or in group sessions.


Study the translation to the Arabic text in the Qur’an alongside the commentary.
The historical context and background of revelation to each Surah (story).
Explanation/morals of key passages of each Surah.
Practical guidance on daily routine and morals that can be derived from each Surah.

How to book a programme with us?

1 Select programme and lesson type
2 Select and activate your payment plan
3 Login to your account & connect to a tutor
4 Your tutor will be in contact within 24 hours
5 It’s as simple as that to begin your lessons!

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