About The Founder


Assalamu Alaykum, my name is Nabeela

Welcome to my journey of how to Teach Me Islam came to launch.

Here is an introduction to my background, I hold a Masters’s equivalent degree in Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence. I am also a qualified Early Years Educator. With 9 years+ of solid experience in Education, I have taught in private schools as well as State schools, education centres, additional support classes, education training courses and an independent self-employed private tuition service. Since then, I am now also a qualified Business Analyst.

I have been delivering one to one tuition programmes since 2014 with highly structured methods and holistic approaches. With 9 years of experience on my side, I have become aware of this untapped potential for the facility I was offering to my community. I realised that the demand for qualitative teaching for parents and students is high. It has been my dream to scale out, unite and build a limitless platform, bringing different social groups together: children, working professionals, educators and parents.

The vision is to unite diverse, multi-cultural communities of different ages and backgrounds who share the same passion. I want to make a positive difference in the world where Islam is taught through love, peace and great character. Without compromising on progress, structure and engagement.
Since graduating I have made it my goal to spread the beautiful teachings of the Holy Qur’an in the most interactive, relevant and joyful way for all living in the fast-moving 21st century today.

TMI will provide the first of it's kind online, professional, Islamic Education platform for children and adults to become morally, intellectually, and spiritually accomplished persons. This service is delivered to you by highly trained individuals in the field of Islamic scholarly traditions. At the heart of it is the drive to interact with and shape modern society.

It would be a dream to be able to take TMI and this unique, personalised facility overseas soon. From my experience over the past 9+ years, I came to realise the occurrence of three main topics most students were eager to correct or study. Thus, through this, I came to compile three simple yet comprehensive courses which have been proven and will continue to show immense positive progression and results and continue to give 100% student and parent satisfaction. I have new programmes in the build and will continue to grow the vastness of the programmes we will offer.

My mission and dream is to make TMI the most successful Islamic private tuition platform globally where studying Islam fits into busy schedules rather than anticipated to begin when the “right” time comes round. Which we all know is a myth as there is no such time. I am humbled to have such an incredible platform of over 70 qualified Islamic tutors nationwide, female and male delivering incredible inspiring and passionate lessons to a student base of over 500. We have the full intention to continue growing this community we now have built and but that looking forward to welcoming you to our family!

We want every student to feel inspired, empowered after completing our programmes that allows you to start of your own legacy within your family or community too! 

Would you like to speak to us personally and see which programme or option would be best for you? Let's arrange a personal phone call with you here..

CEO, Teach Me Islam App Ltd.