A gentle and beautiful 6-12 month introduction to children and adults new to Islam.
Covering all the key aspects of the faith and its facets including prayer, Ramadan, charity, pilgrimage, authentic supplications and the numerous unique attributes of Allah alongside the spiritual and health benefits of these principles.

Who this programme is for:

  • New reverts
  • Students of all ages (from ages 4 years to adult ages)
  • Anyone with a keen general interest in Islamic Studies or history
  • Parents for home-schooling their children
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” I am a single working mother, TMI has been perfect and ideal for me to ensure my children are getting great quality Islamic education all from the comfort of our own home. The tutors are highly experienced and very accommodating to my needs aswell as my children’s. I am very pleased and happy to have found such a platform that is also cost effective if you have more than one child too”.

TMI Mother - Anonymous

Programme contents

All students completing the course receive a certificate to celebrate their achievement in Islamic Education.

Basic Fiqh: The five pillars of Islam including how to perform whudu (ablution) and salah (prayers) with tips to practise it in daily routine.

Basic Aqeedah: The six attributes of Islam, the history and pillars of belief.

Seerah: The stories and morals of the lifestyles of the prophets and Islamic history/events.

Hadeeth: The teachings of Muhammad (PBUH) in the Arabic language.

Daily Azhkar (authentic Arabic supplications) for daily life routine.

The beautiful 99 unique attributes of Allah.

Learning Materials

These are the books for the Al-Ihsan Programme. To purchase, please click on the images and you will be redirected to the website to complete your purchase.

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Coursebook Guide age range
C1 6-7 years
C2 7-8 years
C3 8-9 years
C4 9-10 years
C5 10-11 years
C6 Boys 11-12 years
C6 Girls 11-12 years
C7 12-13 years
C8 13-14 years

Please Note: These books are for children and adults. However, adults do not purchase the work book, only the course book.

Islamic Curriculum

View chart above to purchase the correct book within the age band.



Frequently asked questions

Some answers to regularly asked questions are provided. If you need any more information about the programme or the TeachMeIslam App please click here to send us an email.

What age is this programme suitable for?
Are the books for Adults too?
Are TMI facilities only for children?
What Programme can I do after completing the Ihsan Programme?
How long is this programme?
What do I get after completing this programme?

“TMI App is an amazing concept! I have been waiting for a platform that I could belong to as a qualified Islamic tutor. It is my passion to spread my Islamic education however, I struggled to find students. This platform of the TMI App honestly is perfect that works around my schedule”.

Habiba Monnan- TMI Tutor


“If you are looking for one to one tuition regarding Islamic education. Make sure to check out TMI App. Honestly such a brilliant tool that works around your day to day schedule. Alhamdulillah’s I loved it, really happy with my tutor and the standards of teachings with planned and structured course material and time frame.”

Saima Bibi- TMI Student


“My son has great lessons every week and is eager to see and spend time with his tutor every lesson”.

Rumina Ahad- Parent of young student


“Wonderful concept! I love the concept of this idea. It’s so unique. It’s so useful for parents looking for islamic tutors who cater to around our needs and requests.”

Tanjina Choudhury- TMI Mother

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