A ground-breaking 6-12 month intermediate programme to learn how to read and memorise the classical text of the Qur’an along with understanding the rules and correct pronunciation as it was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Who this programme is for: 

  • ​​Suitable for children above the age of 4 and adults of all ages.
  • Students that have completed the Ihsan programme
  • Adults who wish to study, restart or learn how to read the Qur’anic text with the correct Tajweed (terminology and rulings)
  • Anyone with existing adequate knowledge of the foundations of Islamic Education.
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Student Nadia aged 25+ 

Programme contents

All students completing the course receive a certificate to celebrate their achievement in Islamic Education and being able to read the Holy Qur’an independently with good fluency and the correct Makraj and Tajweed.

Recognising the Arabic alphabet and its different written forms.

Recognise and learn how to write the Arabic alphabet and its different written forms.

Learn the correct Makraj (pronunciation) of all the letters.

Study the Tajweed rules in theory and practise recitation.

Memorise the last 10 surahs for prayer. (Option for further hifz on request).

Learn how to write the Arabic alphabet.

Learning Materials

These are the books for the Al-Noor Programme. To purchase, please click on the images and you will be redirected to the website to complete your purchase.
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Read and Rise

This book needs to be purchased by both children and adults. Please note: You can also purchase this book from Amazon.


Tajweed Guide

This book needs to be purchased by students over the age of 15 or anyone who has completed Tajweed level 1.


Frequently asked questions

Some answers to regularly asked questions are provided. If you need any more information about the programme or the TeachMeIslam App please click here to send us an email.

What age is this programme suitable for?
Which books are for adults?
Does this programme include Hifz (memorisation)?
How long is this programme?
What do I get after completing this programme?

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Yasmin Haque- Adult Student


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Lubna Yeasmin- TMI Mother


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