5 tips to help motivate you getting back into a routine

With the new normality being introduced to us all. Parents, children, working professionals,  motivation could be something many lack whether that is school, work or going back to a consistent routine. Here are our top 5 tips to help with motivation when it comes to studying including continuing your online classes you took up over the pandemic and summer holidays.

Don’t study hard, study smart.
Studying is not always a favourite on the to-do list however, it does not have to be like that, the way you perceive or even think about studying can change the whole experience. Within this blog we will help you uncover the skills required to master and enjoy the art of studying.1.    Intentions
Before you begin to study, it is helpful to remind yourself why you are doing it, clarify your purpose to yourself either mentally, writing it down or even creating a mood board. In a hadith, the Prophet PBUH mentions ‘verily actions are judged in accordance to their intentions’. This means that for us, a small action may become weighty on the scales of good deeds. So, the first point of check is to make sure you have the correct intentions in order to motivate yourself to get in the mode of studying.2.    Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!
Prepping in advance and sorting out your busy life schedule by allocating enough time to study can help massively. It is important to note that there is no ‘right’ way to prepare and you will find that different methods work for different people. The key is to find a method that works for you. You may wish to start off planning on a macro-level i.e. the actual day or next few days. This will motivate you start as you are well aware of how much time you need to spend on your studies to reach your goal.  Research has shown that ‘writing therapy’ has proven effective to relieve stress from overwhelming events (positive, that’s not to undermine any other creative forms of therapy.

3.    Mental declutter
It is important to focus your mind on what is important and not become distracted by other demands, such as hunger, tiredness or body tension. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure all biological needs are met in order to work efficiently and effectively to deter any disruptions. Maybe go for a bath, a walk or even eat a healthy snack before beginning your studies. This will help you stay motivated as you are fully prepared to take on the task at hand without attending to other needs.
4.    Environment
Kurt Lewin has stated that a persons’ behaviour is affected by their environment (one of the factors mentioned). To ensure that there is some kind of motivation present the environment will attract positive vibes if it is clutter free and clean. If the physical environment is cluttered the mind will not be able to fully focus, studies have shown that a student’s progress can be maximised as much as 25% if the environment is organised, cleaned and equipped and resourceful ready for studying. Before even beginning your studies, to become initially motivated the environment must be enticing and well equipped. As we also may be aware the Prophet PBUH has said ‘cleanliness is half of your faith’, highlighting the significance of a clean and tidy environment.
5.    Reward yourself after each goal

The saying goes ‘self-care is the best care’. When studying, significant amount of energy and time is invested into the task. Rewarding yourself after each goal will motivate you to reach your next goal more sooner, it does not have to be extravagant. Like the theory of hyperbolic discounting suggests, that a smaller-sooner reward is more likely to be selected by a person than a larger-later reward. So, enjoy your studying time and be kind to yourself, maybe a cheeky sweet treat or two?

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