Knowledge: The Spirit of Life

PART 1: 

The very first revelation to Muhammad (PBUH) was not just the establishing of the divine #Quran, but also a message establishing a precious sentiment that mankind was to carry with him until his final breath:

‘Read, Read in the name of thy Lord’

Within the first 5 verses of this Surah that were revealed we find the words: Iqra’/ Read’ repeated twice, the word ‘Qalam/Pen’ mentioned once and the word ‘Allam/teach’ repeated twice too.

And that message echoes the sentiment of #knowledge. Of acquiring it, pursuing and immersing one ‘self entirely within it for as long as one lives. By focusing the very first revelation upon the topic of #knowledge, we are told it truly stands as the essence of human life. Just as sleep and food drive the bodily existence on a daily basis, knowledge drives our #spiritual existence- highlighting it as a pre-requisite and necessity to be merely human. As the first revelation, God tells us it is the strongest medium to attaining him. Thus, in order to simply exist- we are prescribed and heavily encouraged to seek knowledge in order to maintain an enlightened and curious soul in search of God. Without knowledge, the human loses touch with himself, with God- thus losing sight of his purpose and an eternal determination.

‘Whoever goes out in the pursuit of knowledge, he is in the path of God until he returns’ (Tirmidhi)
And so the pursuit of knowledge becomes a lifetime goal:

‘Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave

Why should one continue in its pursuit? Because knowledge enriches the human soul quite unlike anything else. It holds a multitude of #benefits that exceed the time and space of our earthly life. We come closer to understanding ourselves and thus #understanding our creator and our fellow creation better. We become resourceful beings in making this world a better place to reside in. We fulfil our duties as inheritors of this Earth. We become #students of the wise and #teachers of the young thus fostering wholesome relationships through knowledge. We secure our place in #Paradise through this pursuit. The learned one is more likely to house better character- for he has learnt the perfect ways of Muhammad(PBUH). The learned one nurtures a humble yet ambitious attitude towards life as he sees the ocean of knowledge to be vast and never ending. The more he wades within this ocean, the deeper it becomes to him.

‘Every moment of one’s existence, one Is growing into more or retreating into less’ (Norman Mailer) 


‘And say: My Lord, Increase me in knowledge’ (20:114)

In a famous hadith (teaching of prophet Muhammad PBUH) the prophet narrates that he saw a dream whereby milk was brought to him, and he drank from this cup. When asked what this represented, the prophet responded: ‘knowledge’.The pure and ethereal traits of Milk indicate to us the similar effects of knowledge.

It spiritually cleanses the heart and soul until it becomes a soul befitting of the Lord and the heavens.
Thus, in a world driven furiously by consumerism, materialism and perishable resources- turn to the pursuit of knowledge for a boost in your personal journey of faith (Imaan), healthier relationships that remind us of our Lord + our purpose and an everlasting contentment. When you feel lost and far from yourself, seek knowledge to feel at home in yourself once again.

‘Knowledge is power. Rather, Knowledge Is happiness. Because to have knowledge, is to know true ends from false, and lofty things from low. To know the thoughts and deeds that have marked man’s progress is to feel the great heartthrobs of humanity through the centuries’ (Helen Keller)

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